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User Comments:
1. | Dec 16, 2013
killerjobber2345 / Did FTH drop Koimoku and machine doll, just wodirenng, if you guys did what group is picking up the series, so I can download the new chapters.
2. | Dec 13, 2013
Alhazad2003 / WOW! A triple reeasle! Thanks, it's most appreciated. My only concern is in the Freezing: ZERO chapter. I'm pretty sure in the RAW, it told the name of Kazuha'a weapon, which is ironically Nova Blood. Yet I didn't see it here. Did I miss it, or was it omitted? Just asking, mind you.
3. | Sep 7, 2012
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4. | Sep 5, 2012
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5. | Sep 4, 2012
Didn't work for me. Well it one way it did but it didnt. I cant even view the site myself bescaue it doesnt see that I have flash running on my computer. (redownloaded flash player about 4 times just to make sure everything is working) I cant even tell if it is working or even looks right bescaue of that. If you can email me the extra code that I would need to I can view my site. that would be a great help. (just the whole javascript crap.) I would love to see my site up in running in a few days